Frequently Asked Questions.

AmeriBolt, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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All Thread Studs

ASTM A193 B7 Studs
ASTM A193 B16 Studs
ASTM A320 L7 Studs
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Heavy-Hex Bolts
Double-End Studs
All-Thread Studs


Heavy-Hex Nuts
Heavy-Hex Bolts
Square Nuts


Full machining of custom parts Welding, drilling, cutting or other services to order

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Sycamore, AL?

Our Main Office and Production facilities are located in Sycamore, AL on Alabama Hwy 21 between Sylacauga and Talladega (about 45 minutes Southeast of Birmingham, AL). Our address is:

18060 AL Hwy 21
Sycamore, AL 35149

2. Are you available for plant shutdowns and emergency orders?

YES! AmeriBolt, Inc. is available 24/7, 365 days a year, whenever
your Customer needs us. Call (256) 249-6979 anytime and if we do not answer, a recording will provide cell phone numbers for the people that will make it happen.

3. Can you weld hex nuts to the stud or anchor bolt?

YES! We have our own Fabrication Department that can weld, drill, turn down a bolt shoulder - and our Shipping Department can assemble nuts and washers.

4. Can you provide 100% Domestic Studs (or Bolts) and Hardware?

YES! We can provide 100% Domestic Studs (or Bolts) as well as Domestic Heavy Hex Nuts and Washers with full material test reports (MTR’s) showing melted and manufactured in the United States.

5. What about delivery options? Hot-Shot delivery?

YES! AmeriBolt, Inc. can offer several options for fast delivery or Hot-Shot service using our own trucks; the carrier of your choice; or local Hot-Shot services. Plus, our Sales Department will get you the quotation FAST, so you are not waiting 1-2 days JUST to receive a quotation.

6. Do You Sell End Users Direct?

NO! We sell our Products through Fastener Distributors.

7. How do I get to AmeriBolt in AL?

AmeriBolt, Inc.
18060 AL Hwy 21
Sycamore, AL 35149


8. How do I get to AmeriBolt in MS?

AmeriBolt, Inc.                                
3519 Main Street            
Moss Point, MS 39563



Call us today for your quotation (256) 249-6979

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