Alloy Studs

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Alloy Studs

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All Thread Studs

ASTM A193 B7 Studs
ASTM A193 B16 Studs
ASTM A320 L7 Studs
and more….


Heavy-Hex Bolts
Double-End Studs
All-Thread Studs


Heavy-Hex Nuts
Heavy-Hex Bolts
Square Nuts


Full machining of custom parts Welding, drilling, cutting or other services to order

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Alloy Studs

We built this business selling all-thread studs by providing fast, efficient service with competitive pricing and excellent quality. We offer a wide range of materials (virtually all), diameters, lengths and finishes. We are up to date on all of the latest specifications – and we know how to meet those specs, and your expectations. We can meet your requirements for 100% Domestic; DFARS approved country of origin; as well as requests for “no China.” Please check the links below for more detailed information on these Alloy Steel studs we offer:

 A193 B7 STUDS                      F1554 GR 105 STUDS

 A193 B16 STUDS                    A320 L7 STUDS

 A193 B7M STUDS                   A193 B7 METRIC STUDS

 ASTM A449 STUDS                 A354BD GRADE 8 STUDS

And More....

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